Provider Membership:  
Company shall be a firm or corporation that is primarily engaged as a dealer providing medical equipment and services to the general public. 
Dues Structure based on Company Annual Sales:
$0 - $499k OR NEW MEMBER = $575
$500k - $1 Million = $875
$1M - $3 Million = $1,150
$3M - $5 Million = $1,600
$5M - $10 Million = $2,125
Over $10 Million = $3,425
Complete an online application or download a paper form and apply by mail. 

Associate (Vendor) Membership or Sponsorship: 
An Individual, allied health professional, partnerships, manufacturer, consultant or corporations whom, as a result of their business, professional or academic situations, are interested in the activities of the medical equipment, supplies and services industry.
Dues Structure:  
$1,025 per company for membership or Sponsorships available that include membership and booth.  Sponsor Information Here.  
Complete an online application or if you prefer to pay for your Membership by check, please click here for printable membership forms.


Northeast Medical Equipment Providers Association (NEMEP) is a not-for-profit trade organization focusing on the HME provider in New York and New Jersey. Its mission is to “Advance the success of the home medical equipment industry and its providers through education, advocacy and improved patient outcomes.”

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