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We are excited about the collaboration with our state association, VGM and AAHomecare on the Grassroots Accountability Project (GAP) – an initiative that seeks to secure volunteer grassroots advocates for each of the 535 federal legislative offices.”  Click for a short video and here for more information.”

New York State Advocacy Link for Rate Floor
click above to send a letter to your state Legislator to support our effort)

New York State
Federal Government
State Governments
Governor's Home Page
Commission on Quality and 
Advocacy for Persons with Disablity

Office for the Aging
Office of the Professions
Office of the Professions 
Online License Verifications

Consumer Protection Board
Department of Family Assistance
New York State Office of General Services
New York State Department of Health
New York State Insurance Department
Office of Mental Health
Commission on the Quality of Care for the Mentally Disabled
New York State Department of Social Services-Now Department of Family Assistance
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Social Security Administration
National Institute of Health
Food and Drug Administration
Government Accounting Office
National Library of Medicine
Healthcare Finance Administration
Americans with Disabilities Act Technical Assistance Program
Assistance Project
Health Care Financing Administration
National Council on Disabilities
National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
Medicare NHIC
Department of HHS
Vermont Government
Rhode Island Government
Massachusetts Government
Maine Government
New Hampshire Government
Connecticut Government
New Jersey Government
New York Government

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